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Beverage Service

Let us do the Work For You
Please note: 
Beverage service & bartending are only available if we are catering your special day!
Bar Service with Uptown Proffesionals

All beer, wine and liquor are to be provided by the caterer, host or hostess and must be purchased in the state of Michigan, and will also need to be removed from the event space at the end of the night.

Beverage Service Package includes:

Mixes (pop, soda, tonic & cranberry juice)

Beer, wine & mix drink glassware (optional)

12 oz & 9oz clear plastic drink-ware

Champagne glassware please add $1.50 per unit

Wine or Champagne served at tables is an additional $5.00 per table corkage fee

TIPS certified bartenders

Fully Insured for serving alcohol

Beverage napkins, straws, ice for mixed drinks, cut lemons & limes

1 Bartender per 50-100 people (1 bar location)

Additional bar with bartender available (charges apply )

Uptown Catering does not supply tubs for beer & wine


Infused water options (additional charges apply)

(strawberry, lemon and basil) (orange and blueberry) (citrus and cucumber)

(watermelon and mint) (strawberry, lime, cucumber & mint) (citrus & cilantro)


Uptown Catering beverage service regulations

All liquor must be in fifths

All alcoholic beverages must be consumed in the building of the catering site

Host/Hostess must provide beer tappers, plenty of ice for cooling down alcohol (bottle, can & keg beer, tubs for keg beer

Uptown Catering HAS A NO SHOT

Uptown Catering reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is less than 21 years of age, does not have proper identification or appears to be intoxicated/impaired.

Uptown Catering reserves the right to close the bar at management’s discretion.

Bar will end 30 minutes prior to the end of the function (up for discussion)

Please note: If you are apple to bring your own beer on site (depending on venue) Uptown Catering strongly encourages bottles and cans.  Even though cost per ounce is higher there are many benefits:
1) Any beer left over can be packed up and taken home compared to losing the rest in a keg.
2) Much more productive in serving bottles (this helps with getting yours guest through the line quicker)
3) Less plastic waste
4)With kegs you lose a lot (foam)of product not being able to control temperature especially out side 
5) More cost and labor added to your event.

Please get with us and we can help direct you with alcohol quantities needed for your special day!

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