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What is the best time to book a caterer for an event?

Once you finalize a date but most importantly locked in a venue/event space. We acknowledge that all events are unique in their own special way.  To craft a quote for your special day requires our caring team member having a conversation with you.  There are a series of questions that we like to ask to develop a package that will be right for you. Pricing will be based on menu items, number of guests, staffing team, time, event space/venue, times and staffing requirements

What type of events do we do?

Weddings are magical and we love knowing that we are sharing the first day of the rest of your life.  We also enjoy taking care of our host or hostess who is planning a family party, corporate event, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or funeral celebration.

What services are included?

We are a full service caterer. We can work with you to craft anything from big too small. Services will depend on what is your end goal. We can work with you to assist in developing a plan and finally moving toward a direction of success.  Our services expand beyond cuisine. We have connections with event spaces, tent suppliers, tables, chairs, linens, cakes, event planners, “day of planners”, desserts, floral & beverage service.

Licensed & Insured?

Uptown Catering TC is fully licensed and insured with the State of Michigan.

TIPS certified with the state of Michigan

How can I be sure my event will be great?

There are two things that your guests will remember:  If they had a great time and if the food was good.  Great tasting flavor profile is extremely important to us.  We can customize menus and services around your tastes, themes and budgets. Our kitchen uses fresh ingredients to prepare some of the best and unique dishes in our profile.

How can I be sure I’m working with the right caterer?

A caterer is there to make your event stress free.  The moment you made the decision to look for a caterer is the moment you realized that this day was special. The weight on your shoulders should be lifted on this day.  It should be a time of enjoying your guests and absorbing the smiles from everyone.  When you contact a caterer in the early stages of your process, if you feel comfortable with them, then you will be at ease when the day arrives.  This is a people business and we acknowledge that even different personalities require different needs.

Can you supply me with sample menus?

We have put together sample menus for our most popular dishes and sides on our web site.

Do I need a budget before I call a caterer?

Budget is always important.  If you have an idea of what you would like to spend on your event, it will make the planning process easier for all of us. It creates a direction and achievable goal to create a menu that will provide you with the best impact possible. We can provide great menus and creativity for even the smallest of budgets.

Can Uptown Catering TC provide references?

Our business thrives on service.  The past has provided us with long lasting relationships.  We have posted a handful of true testimonial on our web site.  If there is ever a time that you would like us to provide you with reference, just ask.

Will I receive a written proposal?

The initial process begins with discussion.  Once we determine a direction, a written proposal will be crafted and reviewed.  Verbally once the proposal is accepted, the contract will need to be signed with a deposit check to secure the date.

What happens to any leftover food?

In accordance with appropriate health codes, the caterer reserves the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed upon event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur. If the caterer feels comfortable that certain steps were taken to cool down/protect food to safe levels then steps can be taken to send the food away with you.

Can we donate any left overs?

Always a kind and noteworthy question. The state has become very strict with donating food to shelters. If this is something you would like, we will be more than happy to reach out to those shelters.

Can I bring in my own food?

Our kitchen goes through great lengths to secure a clean environment to protect our guests and secure our longevity.  We have a certified kitchen that allows us to cater off premise. Food that is prepared from home does not have that certification raising a concern for the wellbeing of all of your guests. Let’s talk about this and see what we can do to reach common ground.

How many hot and cold hors d'oeuvres do I need at my event?

Every event is different depending if it’s a luncheon, wedding, strolling, etc. We have a formula and recommend that you allow at least eight to twelve pieces per person, depending on other stations ordered and event nature. Wedding recommendation for cocktail hour transitioning in to dinner we suggest four to six pieces per person.

How long will it take for set up of my event?

Each event is different from theme, size, service etc. Set up varies from 3-5 hours or more

Does my package include gratuity?

Our main objective when we come together is to create something that will be long lasting and memorable.  Understanding budget and getting you to your goal is most important.  We do apply a 18% service charge which sometimes gets confused with gratuity.  Service charge is an accumulation of many services including transportation, special projects, linens, delivery, staff wages, disposables, trash disposal and many more behind the scenes that we do.  We leave the event space like we originally discovered it.  If you feel that we went above and beyond for your special event and have a little something to share, please share.


A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date

Fifty percent (50%) of the estimated contract cost of is due and demandable at the time of booking, to be deducted from the Total Final Payment, unless other prior arrangements have been made.

Final Payment

Final Payment will be due and demandable ten (10) days prior to the event date. Payment terms are available upon request.


Due to the fluctuating cost of food items, menu prices are subject to change within sixty (60) days of the event.  When a drastic change in the menu ingredient cost occurs, the client has two options. 1) the client will pay the additional cost based on the current adjusted price, or 2) the caterer can substitute other menu items to maintain the agreed upon per person/platter menu.


All prices quoted are based on cash payments.  Payment by Cashier’s Check or Credit Card will be subject to a service charge of three percent (3%) per the amount of transaction. Check payments are due Ten (10) days before the event date.

Guest count

A guaranteed guest count is required 14 days prior to your scheduled event. This guarantee is understood to be a minimum and may not be decreased. If we are unable to obtain the guaranteed count from you, we will use the estimated number of guests provided at the time of deposit.  Please be sure to add DJ's, Photographers, etc.  to your head count who have made arrangements with host/hostess in advance of the function.

Guest count overage

CLIENT will only be charged for the guaranteed number of guests served. If there is more guest attending than the guaranteed guest count, the CATERER will charge the CLIENT accordingly.

Is it too late to use a caterer?

It’s never too late to give us a call.  We understand that there are many obstacles in life.  We are a full kitchen. Even if it is last minute, we will do our best to work with the tools in house to find something that works for you

Letter of cancellation

If you find it necessary to cancel your function, a Letter of cancellation

Is required before any form of deposit (based on contract guide lines) can be returned. (NOTE: Uptown Catering TC cannot actively try to re-book a catering date until letter of cancellation is received)

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