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Fun for Lunch, Dinner or Any Special Occasion
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Fresh Salads
Half Pan $35 ~ serves about 8-10 ~
Full Pan $65 ~ serves about 16-20 ~
~ Greek

Mixed greens, tomato, onion, garbanzo beans, beets, pepperoncini peppers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese & topped with creamy Greek dressing

~ TC Cherry

Mixed greens, cucumber, onion, dried cranberry, walnuts & gorgonzola cheese topped with cherry vinaigrette dressing

~ Classic Tossed

Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and onion & red cabbage topped with our creamy house

~ Hail Ceasar Salad

Romaine, croutons, asiago cheese & Caesar dressing

~ Strawberry Fields Forever

Fresh spinach & romaine, brown sugar candied walnuts, cherry tomatoes, red onion, goat cheese & strawberry vinaigrette dressing

~ Beet

Mixed greens, marinated beets, red onion, cucumbers, orange marmalade vinaigrette dressing & bleu cheese

~ Cherry Tomato Citrus

Romaine, fresh mango & cherry tomato salad with cilantro/lime dressing

~ Tabbouleh

Chopped fresh parsley, mint, onions, tomatoes, cucumber pinch of salt, bulgur wheat tossed in lemon juice & olive oil

Add on Proteins ~ price per pound ~

Marinated Chicken Breast ~ $10.99/lb

Grilled Salmon ~ $15.99/lb

Gyro Meat ~ $12.99/lb

Shaved Beef Tenderloin ~ $15.99/lb

Marinated Pork ~ $12.99/lb

Protein Salads
Half Pan $55 ~ serves about 8-10 ~
Full Pan $95 ~ serves about 16-20 ~
~ Married to the Cobb

Mixed greens, tomato, avocado, chicken, feta, egg, bacon & creamy house dressing

~ Philly in Rome

Shaved beef tenderloin sautéed with onions, mushrooms & roasted red bell pepper slivers placed on a bed of lettuce greens with tomato & cucumber sprinkled with Romano cheese and finished with balsamic reduction